Laravel Chennai October Meetup | ONLINE

We're excited to announce the October month meetup of the Laravel Chennai community. Get ready to experience insightful knowledge sharing sessions, participate in fun quizzes, connect and network with amazing people, and much more.

Here's the line-up of our knowledge sharing sessions:

"Uncover the Power of Custom Artisan Commands" by Shruti Balasa
Shruti is a full-stack web developer with a decade of experience in the field. She's a course creator, a mentor for aspiring developers, and the founder of Thirus Web Development Tips & Tutorials. She will be speaking about "Artisan Commands" in-depth and cover different use-cases.

"Importance of Testing" by Sarthak Shrivastava
Sarthak is a well known and seasoned member of the Laravel community in India. He is the founder of BitFumes, a Youtuber, and a full stack developer. He is going to talk all about the importance of testing, advantages, and TDD approaches.

The meetup is scheduled to begin at 12 pm on October 31. It's free to participate and online. You can virtually join from anywhere.

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Laravel Poznan MeetUp #16 | ONLINE

Laravel's freaks and not only let's connect! We're super happy to invite you to the next editions of Laravel Meetups! Follow us to find out what we have prepared for you this time!

Later, we'll update 3 lectures here:

It's worth to be attentive during the lectures because at the end we're planning a contest with prizes - download the Quizizz application in order to participate in our game. 

It'll be possible to ask questions by application.

We want to reach as many fans of Laravel as possible. We are going to share live streaming on our profile, especially for those who can't be with us.

We will try to release recordings of presentations after meetup (share on:

18:00 - 18:10 - start, organizational matters/ greetings
18:10 - 18:40 - first lecture + questions
18:40 - 19:10 - second lecture + questions
19:10 - 19:30 - third lecture + questions
19:30 - 19:50 - Quizizz (12 questions)
20:00 - planned end of the official part

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At the end we invite you to join the community: